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Transforming Lives

Multiplying our impact, one conversation, one life,
one relationship at a time!  

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Along with helping people in catastrophic need, our leadership team strives to help people become healthy, happy humans.  We do this by offering personal and professional growth opportunities for all.  We believe that by increasing human interaction, encouraging personal growth and developing leadership skills, we can help improve a person's home and work life.  

It is our goal to offer these services to anyone who wants to grow and rise above their current circumstances and become healthier, happier humans.  

Our team is comprised of Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainers & Coaches who are business professionals that desire to lead a life of significance by adding value to others.  Learn more about our Leadership Team

100% of the money raised through our leadership initiatives is given back to people in catastrophic need through Changing Lives Foundation.  The salaries and expenses incurred for the trainings offered are covered 100% by donations from the board members of Changing Lives Foundation.  

General Questions

If you have any general questions about our transformation initiatives, how to join or have us train your team, inquire below:

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