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Our Story

Our purpose is deeply rooted in compassion and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. We financially assist those who find themselves in catastrophic need, whether it be due to house fires, personal tragedies, or other unforeseen circumstances. We aim to be a beacon of hope, offering a financial grant to help individuals during emergent needs.


Our Mission

Changing Lives Foundation exists to provide hope, compassion, and financial support directly to individuals who have experienced a catastrophic life event and have nowhere else to turn. 

Our Vision

To spread the spirit of giving, service, and love to and for fellow humankind, regardless of race, religion, age, or gender.


  “For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat.  I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.  I was a stranger, and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35 

Leadership Team

Ways Changing Lives Raises Money

Individual & Corporate Support
Up2Him Merchandise Sales
Personal & Professional Growth/Leadership Education Classes
Special Events


Each member of our Leadership Team is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member. This team is dedicated to bringing leadership and personal growth opportunities to individuals and companies that desire to create a better life for themselves or a strong company culture in their organization.  

100% of the money raised through our leadership initiatives is given back to people in catastrophic need through Changing Lives Foundation.  The salaries and expenses incurred for the trainings offered are covered 100% by donations from the board members of Changing Lives Foundation.  


Kelly Price 
Executive Director/
Board Member

Kelly Price is not just your average executive director, board member, leadership coach, and speaker.  She is a force of nature when it comes to igniting passion and motivation in others.  With her unwavering dedication to personal growth, servant-leadership, and mission-oriented mindset, Kelly Price has the unique ability to inspire and galvanize leaders, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and organizations.  With over 35 years of developing and leading companies, Changing Lives is grateful to have her as their Executive Director. 

Tammy Thompson Headshot.jpg

Tammy Thompson
Director of Operations & Development

Tammy is on a mission to develop Changing Lives Foundation.  She is driven to make a difference, with over 25 years of experience in building strategic relationships, networking, and aligning mission-driven initiatives to success.  Tammy is passionate about connecting with the community and developing fundraising strategies and relationships to support CLF in helping people in catastrophic need.  She believes together, we can be on the path of hope for ourselves and for others.


Tammy is a faith-driven, family-oriented, dedicated, and passionate person, ready to change the world.  If you want to learn more about how you can help, contact Tammy.

possible headshot 8.23.png

Abby Fox
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Abby is a creative designer, marketing expert, outreach enthusiast, and administration wizard who is uniquely qualified to assist Changing Lives Foundation with their goals of promoting Up2Him merchandise, overseeing grant applications, and running various outreach events.  With her diverse skill set and dynamic personality, Abby makes a positive impact in a light-hearted and effective way.


Nicole Harwood
Leadership Volunteer/Board Member

Nicole is a magnetic, spirited leader with an undeniable blend of sincerity, drive, confidence, and a servant's heart for lifting and inspiring others through personal and professional growth.  She believes that we all deserve to be led well; to do so, we must never stop intentionally growing ourselves and adding value to others!  With years of influential significance in executive leadership in the corporate space and now as a Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer with The Changing Lives Foundation, Nicole is ecstatic to connect with individuals and groups locally and around the globe to lift them to grow beyond their wildest expectations.


Antoinette Smith
Leadership Volunteer/Board Member 

As a sought-after prominent leader in the non-profit housing and finance sector, Antoinette brings more than two decades of undeniable people-centric servant leadership to communities in and around NE Ohio.  With generosity as her currency, people are drawn to Antoinette’s grace, faithful discernment, and passion to serve the people, teams, and communities in which she lives and works and beyond.  We are humbled to have the lovely Antoinette Smith graciously serve Changing Lives Foundation as a valued board member. 


Dawne Carver Leadership Volunteer

As a JOYFUL servant leader with over 20 years of leadership experience in ministry and the hospitality industry, Dawne is a natural at making growing FUN for everyone she works with.  Through consistent leadership, she creates a positive space for clients to explore big and small ideas while defining and aligning their values.  She believes laughter is healing, vulnerability takes courage, and curiosity sparks imagination.  Now's the perfect time to join Dawne on this exciting journey, navigating life together and making a difference in the world.

Judith Mansour Headshot.jpg

Judy Mansour
Board Member

Judy Mansour is a wordsmith and amateur (read very amateur) epicure.  Named for St. Jude Thaddeus, Patron Saint of the Despaired, she devotes her time to helping those who are downtrodden or who carry a heavy burden and finds joy in cooking for others and making them laugh. Judy has served on multiple boards and worked with various charities that serve those in need.  With the years of experience Judith provides related to charitable foundations, Changing Lives is flattered to have her on our board.


Andy Seger 
Board Member 

Andy is a natural galvanizer.  He has a proven track record of turning ideas into action and driving forward momentum.  Through his persuasive communication skills and ability to rally support, Andy can unite a team toward a common purpose and mobilize them to take bold, strategic actions.  As an attorney and executive, Andy is a great asset to Changing Lives Foundation.


David Neuenschwander
Board Member

David possesses the innate ability to take charge and get things done.  With his relentless drive, he never settles for mediocrity.  David's passion for making a difference in the world is what sets him apart.  He previously held a position as President and Chief Sales Officer for a billion-dollar company and is currently retired.  Changing Lives is honored to have his talents and abilities on our advisory board.

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