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Stickers! Perfect for your cases and water bottles! 


Measurements (in inches):


Salt and Light: 4.80x5.00

God? God: 4.02x5.00

Jesus Always Wins: 5.00x2.14

Be Intentionally Nice: 5.00x4.02

Life is Hard but God is Good: 5.00x3.90

Spread Hope Joy Love: 5.00x2.32

Hope Dealer: 5.00x5.49

Jesus Loves this Hot Mess: 4.54x5.00

Jesus Take the Wheel: 5.00x5.00

Working On Myself: 4.78x5.00

Running With Me: 5.00x2.46

Grace: 5.00x3.58

Faith Will Set You Free: 5.00x2.12

Change Nothing: 3.35x5.00

But God.: 5.00x3.38

Sticker Packs