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History of Changing Lives Foundation

In 2018, Kelly Price, along with her business partners David Neuenschwander and Andrew Seger in a highly successful 200-employee auto, RV, and powersports F&I products business National Automotive Experts (NAE/NWAN), established Changing Lives Foundation to help individuals who experienced a catastrophic event outside their control and subsequently were in desperate need of financial help.  Kelly, a well-respected, no-nonsense entrepreneur in the auto F & I industry, was also the person whose company sponsored and organized huge teams for charity 5Ks, purchased and wrapped toys, clothes, and gifts for kids who’d been removed from their homes, and who fostered a work environment rich with respect, integrity, and philanthropy.  In 2015, she was given the Community Pillar Award by Smart Business Network for her many philanthropic efforts. 


Not surprisingly, Kelly’s employees sometimes turned to her when they faced financial problems.  After struggling for some time, one woman was at risk of losing her home.  Kelly had the desire and means to help, so she gave her the money, hoping to alleviate the financial and emotional burden.  However, unbeknownst to anyone, the woman’s struggle continued, and once again, she was in danger of losing her home but felt too much shame to ask for help. 


She took her own life.  

The trauma of her suicide rippled through the company.  Kelly lay awake many months thinking, “If she had just asked …”   Kelly, David, and Andrew established a fund so that employees could anonymously apply for grants when they needed help.  In 2019, Changing Lives Foundation formed a Board of Directors who began to spread the word that individuals outside of the company facing catastrophe and needing financial support could also apply to the fund.  During the 2020 pandemic, Changing Lives Foundation formed the F&I Providers Relief fund for industry professionals who were out of work – they raised and distributed over $550,000.  


A prior goal of Kelly Price’s was to create merchandise that carried Christian messaging to help spread the word of God.  In 2021, CLF invested in a laser engraving machine and created the Up2Him line of merchandise, sold at shops, events, and online, from which 100% of the proceeds benefited the foundation.  Additionally, in 2021, several Changing Lives Foundation board members began offering professional training and personal enrichment events, from which the foundation benefitted from all proceeds, establishing signature programs devoted to helping individuals change their lives positively.  100% of all proceeds from Changing Lives Foundation’s programs, classes, workshops, and events go toward grants to help individuals facing catastrophic situations beyond their control in need of financial support.  

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